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  Bachelor & Master (B+MLA)

Beginning in 2018, the LAEP Department offers an accelerated Bachelor+Masters of Landscape Architecture (B+MLA) that provides a seamless course of study beginning with pre-graduate studies during the Bachelors of Landscape Architecture (BLA) senior year, completion of Masters of Landscape Architecture graduate studies (MLA) the following year, and conferral of both the BLA and MLA degrees concurrently upon completion.

The accelerated B+MLA allows advanced LAEP undergraduates the opportunity to pursue a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program within an accelerated time frame of 5 academic years.  This provides graduates a further competitive advantage in the professional marketplace, fosters integration and interaction between undergraduate and graduate programs, while maintaining the expectations and disciplinary exposure of each individual degree program.

In addition to fast-tracking toward a degree, the B+MLA program allows students to only pay graduate tuition rates for one year, instead of two. During a student's senior year, they take up to nine graduate level credits, but pay undergraduate level tuition and contribute to the senior capstone class. 

Program Mission Statement

The mission of the accelerated B+MLA program in Landscape Architecture is to (1) prepare future professionals to address the dynamic issues and scales of landscapes across the Intermountain West and around the world, and (2) engage in creative intellectual work that contributes to the theory and practice of landscape architecture.

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