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Jake Powell

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Extension Specialist and Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Hours: M, W, F 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Tu, Th 1 p.m.-5 p.m.
Go toOffice Location: FAV 236
DialPhone: 435-797-4293

Educational Background

Other, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, (Center for Watershed Stewardship), Pennsylvania State University, 2012
Nature Connection in Pennsylvania State Parks: Case Study Evaluations in Three Parks
BA, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, (Watershed Science), Utah State University, 2008


Jake is a native of Utah, his professional career working in land planning and conservation has spanned the extents of the state and has fostered a deep connection to the people and landscapes that make Utah an inspiring place to live and work.

Teaching Interests

Jake’s teaching efforts aim to inspire students with an elevated understanding of both their potential and responsibility to use their training and education to make their world a better place. Jake works to help students and communities realize that collaborative planning and design efforts can address a variety of social, economic, and ecological challenges. His efforts are focused on empowering individuals and communities with the skills, tools, and confidence to use planning, design, and collaboration to bring about positive change. Jake’s role as an Extension Specialist provides opportunities to engage citizens, communities, and practitioners in developing and disseminating educational materials and program as well as interdisciplinary, collaborative projects that utilize Landscape Architecture as a vehicle for positive change throughout the state.

Research Interests

Jake’s research interests include: grassroots watershed planning and implementation, artful rainwater design and stormwater management, water conservation through landscape design, large scale water management in the inter-mountain west, low impact development, trail and natural open space planning and design, and design elements that affect place attachment and nature connection.