Advancement Board

Advancement Board Members in attendance at the April 10, 2015 meeting

 To view a panorama of the Jury Room that was funded by the Advancement Board please click here.

The Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning is very fortunate to have dedicated individuals who are committed to serving on our Advancement Board. The LAEP Advancement Board is comprised of some of the most successful people working in the discipline today. Most are alumni of the program, however some are professionals, academics or public servants who were invited to serve.

The Advancement Board meets annually in the fall, when members travel to Logan at their own expense. The Board also reports quarterly through conference calls to address progress for each standing committee. In the fall meeting the Department outlines the current needs and accomplishments of the past year, outlining the multi-year strategy for their priorities. Each Board member serves on a standing committee selected based upon their experience and interests. The Board hears reporting from the LAEP students to ask questions and assess the Department from the student perspective.
Board members provide substantial support through personal donations to the Department, as well as resources they garner from private and corporate support. Members also provide professional expertise in studios during critiques or special projects such as the annual Charrette.

The latest version of the Advancement Board Bylaws were approved October 2012:

Click here for the 2012 Advancement Board By-Laws

A list of Committees and their corresponding website can be found here.

A list of past Advancement Board meetings and their notes can be found here.

Current LAEP Advancement Board Members

Kurt Altvater
CB Richard Ellis
Development Committee

Rick Barrett
MIG Inc.
Recruitment Committee

Bob Behling
Recruitment Committee

Corbett Belcher
CMG Landscape Architecture
Placement Committee

Prashanta Bhat
The Landscape Company
Placement Committee

Jay Bollwinkel
MGB & A, Inc.
Placement Committee

Jereck Boss
The Office of James Burnett

Kenneth Brooks
Arizona State University
Recruitment Committee

Walt Cole
Clark Nexson
Recruitment Committee

Mark Dawson
Sasaki Associates Inc
Development Committee

Geoff Ellis
Oakcrest Design LLC
Development Committee

Larry Harmsen
Development Committee

Brian Huculak
Huculak & Associates
Development Committee

James Hyatt
James Hyatt Studio
Placement Committee

Randy Jackson
Placement Committee

Mark Johnson
Civitas Inc
Development Committee

Todd Johnson
Practitioner-in-Residence, LAEP
Recruitment Committee

Nancy Monteith
Salt Lake City Corporation
Recruitment Committee

Keith Diaz Moore
University of Utah
Recruitment Committee

Marcus Pulsipher
Design Workshop
Recruitment Committee

Chris Sands
Bio-West Inc
Placement Committee

Dale Schafer
Thomas Balsley Associates
Placement Committee

Michael Schneider
Orange Street Studio
Recruitment Committee

Linda Snyder
Tufts University
Development Committee

Jan Striefel
Landmark Design Inc
Placement Committee

John Suarez
SBD Studio
Recruitment Committee

Mark van der Zalm
van der Zalm + Associates Inc
Recruitment Committee