Master's Thesis

Master's Thesis Options

Plan A - Thesis

The Plan A masters thesis must be a contribution to the field of knowledge based on the student's own research or a treatment and presentation of known subject matter from a new point of view (see USU general catalog). The student and major professor should decide upon a problem or subject for the thesis study by the end of the student's second semester of graduate study. Requires 6 credits of LAEP 6970 Thesis Research.  With the approval of your thesis chair, a Plan A thesis can also be fulfilled by the writing of several articles to be submitted for publication.

Sample Plan A Thesis   Sample Multi-paper Version    Plan A thesis (Word version)   Multi-Paper (Word version)

Plan B - Terminal Project/Creative Work/Paper

The Plan B option requires the production of a paper or a planning and design project. Plan B may be a planning and design project, or a review of literature, involving conceptualizing an area of inquiry, planning and completing a systematic search, analyzing and critiquing the acquired information, and drawing conclusions. The summary and conclusions reached should enhance knowledge in the field. Requires 2 credits of LAEP 6970 Thesis Research and 4 credits of LAEP 6960 Master's Project.

Sample Plan B Thesis   Plan B (Word version)

Students who are unable to complete their coursework and their thesis in the same semester are required by the School of Graduate Studies to take 3 additional credits for the semester in which they intend to defend.

Composition of Thesis Committee

All supervisory committees in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning shall be constituted as follows:

  1. The committee shall be composed of a minimum of three and a maximum of five members.
  2. The majority of the committee members shall be tenured or tenure-track LAEP Department faculty.
  3. The major professor shall be a tenured or tenure-track member of the LAEP Department faculty.
  4. All members of the committee may be LAEP faculty if at least one member is outside the specialization area.
  5. The supervisory committee shall be approved by the LAEP Department Head and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

These criteria apply to supervisory committees for Plan A and B.

Review of Thesis And Writing Competency

All theses must be reviewed and approved for formatting by the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Department thesis reviewer, Dr. Bo Yang, before final approvals and printing. Plan A theses must be reviewed and approved by the School of Graduate Studies thesis reviewer.  A complete listing of past theses is available in the front office.