Barty Warren-Kretzschmar

Barty Warren-Kretzschmar

Assistant Professor - BioRegional Planning

Phone: (435) 797-4293

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About Me

I am returning to Utah State University after living and working in Germany for more than twenty years. I actually began my teaching career at Utah State University as one of the first female faculty members in the LAEP department in 1981.

After receiving my Master of Landscape Architecture from Cornell University, New York, I was awarded the Eidlitz Traveling Fellowship from Cornell University which I used to study urban spaces and historical gardens in Italy and England. Upon returning to the US, I worked for Project for Public space in New York City before joining the LAEP Department at Utah State University.

In 1983, I left Utah State University to pursue research in Germany as a Fulbright Fellowship finalist. I gained professional experience in the landscape architecture office of Heimer, Montag und Herbstreit in Hildesheim, Germany, where I worked design competitions and impact mitigation studies as well as international projects such as the design of a residential community in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In 1987, I joined the Institute for Landscape and Nature Conservation (presently Institute for Environmental Planning) at Leibniz University (LUH) in Hannover, Germany, where I was involved in the introduction of computers into the landscape architecture curriculum and the organization of two international conferences on landscape planning in 1991 and 2001. Since 1987, I have taught studio projects and seminars in both the landscape architecture design as well as the environmental planning departments at LUH.

From 2006 until 2011, I taught landscape planning studios and seminars as a guest professor in the international Master of Landscape Architecture program at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Bernburg, Germany. The international studio projects ranged from the development of Alternative Futures for the city of Leipzig and for the South Harz Mountain Biosphere Reserve in Germany to the campus design of a vocational school in a township of Johannesburg, South Africa and a master plan for the international sector of Auroville, India.

I also consult for Golin Wissenschafts management in Hamburg, Germany, and I hold workshops in graduate schools throughout Germany and Austria that focus on academic writing and presentation and communication skills.

An ongoing theme of my research is the use of computers and technology to support landscape planning. My research has focused on the role of computer visualization and internet to support citizen participation in the landscape planning process. Present research re-evaluates web-based landscape planning that was proposed in the R&D project “Interactive Landscape Plan of Königslutter, Germany”. Further research questions address how design approaches and methodologies can be used to improve the effectiveness of landscape planning and how Geo-design can support and coordinate the integration of planning and design. My research has also examined the visual impact of renewable energies on the landscape and the relationship of ecosystem services to landscape planning.


          Doctorate of Engineering
          Leibniz University Hannover

          Master of Landscape Architecture
          Cornell University

          Bachelor of Arts - Environmental Biology
          Hamilton College


          Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
          Bernburg, Germany

          Leibniz University of Hannover
          Hannover, Germany

          Institute for Landscape Architecture
          Hannover, Germany

          Centre for Applied Languages
          Hannover, Germany

Areas of Expertise

          Urban spaces
          Use of computers and technology to support landscape planning
          Visual impact of renewable energies
          Ecosystem services in landscape planning