K_Christensen.jpgKeith Christensen's Courses

LAEP 2700 Site Analysis: Social, Behavioral, and Biophysical Dimensions
Site survey, analysis, and design synthesis. Focuses on human behavior and natural resources as design considerations for future land use planning. Introduces foundational site analysis methods and tools; and integrates Geographic Information Systems (GIS) training for data interpretation.

LAEP 2720 Site Planning & Design
Serves as a lower-division capstone course, synthesizing lower-division landscape architecture coursework and applying that knowledge to site scale design projects. Includes units on design methodology, site planning and circulation, and creative problem solving. Three three-hour studios per week.

LAEP 4130 Emerging Areas
Exploration of new and emerging areas in the profession of landscape architecture. National and international issues in regional landscape planning, landscape restoration/bioengineering, and visual resource management are among several issues which may be examined. Three three-hour studios per week.

LAEP 6890 Research/Thesis Methods
Explores preparation of thesis proposals and abstracts. Discussion of graduate degree completion requirements and procedures.

LAEP 6910 Graduate Reading Seminar
Selected readings directed by department faculty.