Kristofor Kvarfordt

Adjunct Instructor

Kris has a wide variety of planning and landscape architectural experience throughout the Intermountain West.  He has spent time working for both the public and the private sector and therefore understands many of the challenges faced by communities as they receive pressure for growth and development.  He understands and advocates that growth and development should be well balanced, economically viable, and sensitively integrated into the natural environment.

Kris strives to balance functionality, life cycle maintenance and aesthetics in all of the planning and landscape architecture that he is involved with.  He works closely with civil engineers and architects to create plans that become a well integrated system with all components functioning together in an ideal manner.  Kris has developed significant expertise in site planning, site grading and earthwork design, storm water system design, planting design and erosion control.  He enjoys the challenge of planning places for people that are well integrated into the existing built and natural systems.  His experience has helped him to provide his clients with solutions that are creative, functional and responsive to the spirit of the place.

Additionally, Kris has worked on many large-scale master-planning projects encompassing thousands of acres.  At this level of design, Kris focuses on finding suitable locations for development to occur while mitigating the negative impacts by avoiding sensitive ecological areas and promoting enhancements to natural systems where possible.  Many of his planning projects have been conducted in conjunction with Utah State University and are regional and multi-jurisdictional.  Kris has provided detailed opportunities and constraints analysis, site systems analysis, program development and feasibility studies for many of these large-scale plans. 

Kris is a licensed landscape architect, he currently holds a license to practice in the states of Utah, Idaho & Wyoming.  He is the senior landscape architect at Cache Landmark, a multi-disciplinary firm in Logan, Utah.  He has been working in professional practice for over 10 years.  During that time he has also served as an adjunct instructor in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at Utah State University, and has brought many of his real-world projects and expertise into the classroom.  Kris enjoys working closely with students to encourage their creativity and to emphasize the skills they will need to be successful in the professional environment.