Phil-Waite.jpgPhil Waite's Courses

LAEP 3500/6350 Planting Design for Sustainability
Emphasizes plant and environment relationships and plant community dynamics as they relate to planting design. In addition, basic planting design principles will be introduced. Involves application of planting design principles to a variety of project types. One segment will focus on land reclamation planting in non-irrigated landscapes. Two three-hour studios per week. enrollment limited to students matriculated into the LAEP major.

LAEP 3600 Landscape Materials
Landscape Materials aids the students in developing a first hand understanding of the opportunities, challenges and limitations of materials and to help each designer become more fluent and refined in their understanding of landscape materials and their development of design details.

LAEP 3610 Construction II
This course introduces undergraduate and graduate students to fundamental construction processes, methods, structures and surfaces. Students learn fundamentals of horizontal and vertical alignment of roads, pavements, freestanding and retaining walls, and wood decks, railings and fencing through reading assignments, individual research projects, field trips, and class discussion.

LAEP 4130 Emerging Areas
Exploration of new and emerging areas in the profession of landscape architecture. National and international issues in regional landscape planning, landscape restoration/bioengineering, and visual resource management are among several issues which may be examined. Three three-hour studios per week.