S_Michael.jpgSean Michael's Courses

Sean's instructional foci include outdoor recreation, thesis development, community development in the West, and environmental psychology in design. He instructs on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), connecting students with techniques for improving user safety through the planning of safe sites. Sean's classes focus on land development in the West, including "gateway communities" and their relationship with recreation lands. His classes create dynamic partnerships with communities by providing design assistance through collegiate design studios.

LAEP 3100/6310 Recreation and Open Space
Focuses on planning and design of open space and recreational areas, as well as facilities of various types and scales.  Students develop skills in analysis, research, planning strategy, and design technique to create functional spaces based on client needs and site limitations.

LAEP 4130 Emerging Areas in Landscape Architecture I
Exploration of new and emerging areas in the profession of landscape architecture. National and international issues in regional landscape planning, landscape restoration/bioengineering, and visual resource management are among several issues which may be examined. Three three-hour studios per week.

LAEP 6860 Faculty/Interdisciplinary Seminar I
Landscape architecture and environmental planning program options and research potential presented by departmental faculty. Also introduces students to other interdisciplinary programs and faculty within the University.

LAEP 6890 Seminar on Thesis Proposals and Procedures
Explores preparation of thesis proposals and abstracts. Discussion of graduate degree completion requirements and procedures.