John K. Nicholson Memorial Scholarship

John K. Nicholson Memorial Scholarship


John K. Nicholson Memorial ScholarshipJohn Nicholson (1979-2010) was a beloved faculty member in the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Department at Utah State whose passion for life and landscapes inspired students and colleagues for 30 years. John played a pivotal role in the proposal and planning for the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics, and was an influential proponent of low-impact transportation systems. John was fortunate to travel widely and even live abroad. Those international experiences had great impact on the planner/designer who he was. John felt strongly that students of landscape architecture benefit from exposure to a wide variety of landscape designs reaching far beyond local boundaries, and influenced by diverse cultures.

John was instrumental in establishing an exchange program with the University in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Over the years students have attended classes at USU from Slovenia and many LAEP students have attended a semester in Ljubljana. (Past articles on the exchange program can be found on the website in various InSites newsletters under publications.) John also led many student travel experiences to Germany and France. Before his death, John and his wife, Jane, and sons, Patrick and Paul, discussed the creation of a scholarship for LAEP graduate students. The John K. Nicholson Memorial Scholarship was established in 2011 to help LAEP students gain international experiences as a part of their education at Utah State, and serves as an additional piece of John’s rich legacy in LAEP.

Since one of John’s passions was travel, the faculty decided to award the scholarship to a deserving student to supplement the cost of the LAEP travel requirement. The amount of the scholarship will be determined yearly based upon funding in the scholarship account.


The income of the Fund will be used to support travel scholarships to benefit students participating in a study abroad experience within the LAEP Department, with preference given to those participating in the long-standing exchange with the Landscape Architecture Department at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The recipients of the scholarship shall be chosen according to the following guidelines:

  1. Eligible recipient(s) of the Scholarship shall:
    1. Have demonstrated unmet financial need;
    2. Be enrolled in the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Department;
    3. Be a junior, senior, or graduate in rank.
  2. Recipients of the Scholarship will be selected on the basis of:
    1. Desire to study landscape architecture through travel abroad, with preference given to those students applying to study in Ljubljana, Slovenia;
    2. Submitted written proposal for the use of the scholarship funds for international travel and study;
    3. Commitment to learning and improving skills that will strengthen himself/herself and others in the field of landscape architecture and environmental planning;
    4. Academic accomplishment; and
    5. Financial need.

LAEP faculty will send out a request for application materials in fall semester to award for the following spring. Students who are matriculated juniors or second year graduate students are the target group for this scholarship.



Recent recipients:

2010-2011 Amanda Dunlap
2011-2012 Gordo Wood, BLA, '13
2012-2013 Meredith Nigh, BLA, '14
2013-2014 Seth King, BLA '15
2016-2017 Nelson Champion and Haley Borden

For more information, contact Carlos Licon by email