Kenneth G. Volkman Memorial Scholarship

Kenneth G. Volkman Memorial Scholarship


 Ken Volkman was raised on a farm and at a tender age learned the value of hard work and maintained that work ethic throughout his life. Ken proudly served his country in the Utah Army National Guard Special Forces unit as a Green Beret and retired as a major after 20 years of service. He ran his own business as a landscape designer for 10 years in Smithfield, UT, giving back to the community through his work. Ken was renowned for his love of people, and would drop everything at a moments notice to help those in need. It is this love for helping those in need that made Ken’s family and friends feel that this scholarship would be a fitting tribute to Ken’s memory and life spent in the service of others. This scholarship will help students in the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Department at Utah State University to increase their education, and in turn it is expected that they will use that education to foster a continued legacy of service to others in their own communities.


  1. Eligible recipient(s) of the Scholarship shall:
    1. have demonstrated unmet financial need;
    2. be enrolled in the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Department;
    3. be a junior, or 1st or 2nd year graduate in rank.
  2. Recipients of the Scholarship will be selected on the basis of:
    1. commitment to learning and improving skills that will strengthen himself/herself and others in the field of landscape architecture and environmental planning;
    2. demonstrated spirit of service to classmates and community;
    3. demonstrated success at overcoming adversity and/or challenges to accomplishments (e.g., attending USU); and
    4. strength of the service project proposed, including its merits for:
      1. feasibility of the proposal to improve the community and environment,
      2. involving other students and community members,
      3. engendering further acts of service by others, and
      4. establishing the recipient’s own legacy of service.
  3. The LAEP Scholarship Committee shall select the recipient(s) annually in accordance with College procedures, and with the Department Head serving as final overseer of the award and recipient.
  4. Scholarship money is to be used only for a recipient’s needs associated with studies in the Department.

Students will apply via Award Spring in spring semester. The faculty will select a student in a March meeting based on the criteria listed above. The recipient will be announced at the Departmental Awards Banquet in April and the scholarship will be applied to their financial aid the following year.




2011-2012 Ivan Contreras - BLA, '13         
2013-2014 Luigi Dragonetti - BLA, '14
2014-2015 Graydon Bascom - MLA, '15
2015-2016 Lynda Draper - MLA, '16
2016-2017 Logan Oates- MLA '17

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