Laval Morris Travel Scholarship

Laval Morris Travel Scholarship


Laval Morris Travel ScholarshipLaval S. Morris (1899-1983), founder and head of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning from its inception in 1939 to his retirement in 1965, was a strong proponent of travel as a foundation of design education. Prof. Morris established this endowed fellowship in 1976, and other donors have included Prof. Morris’s wife, Rachel Bankhead Morris; their sons, John Koran Morris and Wilford Byron Morris; and a brother, Collins Morris. The fellowship provides travel enrichment to an LAEP student’s formal education. Prof. Morris felt travel was an important factor in rounding out a student’s understanding and skills in environmental design.


This annual award goes to an outstanding graduating LAEP senior or third-year graduate student for travel outside North America. Faculty members meet in the spring to review students’ submitted proposals. This award is based on a completed proposal including a detailed travel itinerary and the educational enrichment potential of the trip. Recipients will be announced at the annual awards banquet. A detailed account of Prof. Morris and his own travels can be found in “Fifty Years of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, USU” at Works + Publications.

Students should review past proposals in the LAEP office prior to creating their travel submittal.
The deadline for submittals will be sent out via departmental list serves and the lobby television screen in spring semester.




2008-2009 Benjamin George MLA, '09 and Pam George - BLA, '09
2009-2010 Jeff Hamarstrom - MLA, '10
2010-2011 Christopher Worthington - BLA, '11 
2010-2011 Becca Buckley - BLA, '11
2011-2012 Corey Harlos - BLA, '12
2012-2013 Pam Blackmore - BLA, '13
2014-2015 Graydon Bascom - MLA '15 & Layne Morrison - BLA '15
2016-2017 Jillian Virgi

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