ASLA Officers


ASLA Student Chapter 2012-2013 Officers

Sarah Gunnell - Sam Taylor - David Evans - Cara Glabau - Scott Harris

Treasurer - President - Faculty Adviser - Secretary - Vice President

Officer Position Descriptions

President - The president oversees all plans, activities, and functions of the Student ASLA and ensures that they are successful. The president should represent the needs and concerns of the LAEP student body and communicate those needs to faculty and USU administration. The president considers the input of all other elected officials and class representatives.

Vice President - The vice president assists the president in oversight of chapter activities, events, and the coordination of chapter communications. The vice president assumes the duties of the president in their absence.

Secretary - The secretary is responsible for recording minutes at the ASLA meetings, assisting the other officers with their tasks, communication between the ASLA and the students/faculty of LAEP, and updating the ASLA webpage.

Treasurer - The treasurer is responsible for the ASLA funds and accounts. The treasurer delegates purchases upon approval of the other officers. This person is tasked with seeking extra chapter funds through community grant proposals and classroom improvement funds.