Student Research Awards

Dee Foundation Awards

Through the generous support from the Dee Foundation, LAEP students have been able to develop skills, knowledge and applied research in different issues, scales and places related to open space.  This support has turned into valuable applied and documented knowledge in projects, theses, and reports for landscape architects and environmental planners.  Different communities, mainly throughout the region, have received the direct benefits of the student work as this has been traditionally, the focus and mission of the LAEP program at Utah State University.

In times when we aim at making development decisions that contribute to create a sustainable lifestyle, the focus of the awarded student work has contributed significantly in this important subject.  By promoting design and planning actions towards sustainability we contribute to address critical questions such as the type of growth we promote or create, the role of open space in high quality livable environments, the effects of current development trends, and the aspirations for healthy lifestyles with efficient and just allocation of the benefits and responsibilities of development

In these five years, 10 master students have received the Dee Foundation Award, and they have worked on a wide variety of topics, most of the times in real project situations.  Even though the geographic location of three quarters of the student work has focused in different parts of Utah and Idaho, some projects have also addressed topics outside the United States.

Student Awarded


project location


Gregory Wolfgang

Box Elder County, UT

native vegetation

Julie Ann McGrew


web-based plant selection tool for native plants design and planning

Allisa Salmore

Franklin County, ID

critical land analysis, landscape characteristics and quality

Jennifer Hale

Rural Utah

local identity in small towns

Dan Bolin

Bear River, Franklin ID

riverbank restoration and community participation

Dustin Wiberg


ecotourism, values and principles

Craig Houston


master plan for botanical garden

Lindsay A. Winkler


open space planning, bridging the gap between vision and implementation

Sarah Nelson

Driggs, ID

educational material for landscape practices for wildlife

Christopher Harrild

Logan, UT

resident employed photography and context sensitive design