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LAEP Advancement Board

LAEP Advancement Board

Next Meeting: April 15, 2022, 9:00 a.m., Utah State University (FAV 210)

Previous Meeting Minutes: Download September 25, 2020 Minutes

LAEP alumni are some of the most generous and cooperative graduates found in any department in the university. Because of the close personal relationships formed when getting a degree in Landscape Architecture, alumni can be counted on to provide numerous services to the department during the school year. Many times alumni are called to teach special workshops, help with the annual Charrette, provide studio critiques and as adjunct instructors in courses. Most often, recent grads find employment with the assistance of alumni who are working in firms or government agencies across the nation and internationally.

Donations to the department are used to purchase new equipment and software. Alumni generosity also has provided for several scholarships, internships and travel grants for students.

The department also has a very active Advancement Board which meets twice annually, donating their time and money to help maintain the department’s excellence.