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Belmar Village

Belmar Village Aerial

Alumni Names

Mark Johnson, BLA 1978

Mark Johnson


LAEP Advancement Board Member,

Development Committee

Ann Mullins
FASLA - BLA 2001

Project Location:

Lakewood, Colorado

Project Firms:

Civitas Inc.

1200 Bannock Street
Denver, CO 80204
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Civitas was engaged by Continuum Partners with Elkus Manfredi Architects to rethink the future of the former Villa Italia Shopping Mall, which had been among the most successful malls of the late 1950's. Civitas led the master planning effort, entitlements, street, park and plaza design. The 100 acre site was completely transformed to become the new downtown for Lakewood. Shopping streets center around the Plaza, which Is designed as a central gathering place for the community. Water features, shade, a food pavilion and movable tables and chairs surround a central plaza which is a food hall in the summer and an ice-staking rink in the winter. Massive custom designed light stanchions provide spot and flood lighting while holding cabled lights that define the central space. The project has won many awards including the Urban Land Institute Award of Excellence.