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Hunter's Point South Waterfront Park

Hunter's Point Waterfront Park
Dale Schafer


  • Dale Schafer, BLA 1987
  • ASLA 

Current Firm:
Wagner Hodgson

Project Location:

New York City (East River Waterfront, Queens)

Project Firms:

Thomas Balsley Associates  
31 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001

200 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013

Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park was envisioned as an international model of urban ecology and a world laboratory for innovative sustainable thinking. What was once a barren post-industrial site has been transformed into a world-class park that is both urbane and otherworldly. The site is waterfront and city, gateway and sanctuary, blank slate and pentimento. These traces suggest an approach to the landscape that enhances what is unique about the site, while framing a new multi-layered identity as a recreational and cultural paradigm. Employing innovative sustainable design strategies, the design has woven infrastructure, landscape, and architecture into new open spaces with connections to the surrounding communities. The park provides access to the water’s edge and spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline. Just after it was newly constructed, this waterfront park survived the ravages of Hurricane Sandy providing an example of resiliency after being submerged by 4 feet of sea rise. The project received Honor Awards from National ASLA and the International Waterfront Center.