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Heather Morgan

Heather Morgan


2021-2022 Inaugural Distinguished Visiting Professor

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Heather Morgan brings more than seventeen years of expertise in flood risk management, infrastructure planning, landscape architecture and landscape archaeology for projects focused on sustaining our nation through adaptation. Morgan applies a transdisciplinary strategy for redefining the relationship between our human inhabitation and the natural system.

Prior to joining AECOM, she worked at Headquarters for the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) as the Civil Works Sustainability Lead and the National Sustainability Program Manager. She assessed the agencies existing and proposed water infrastructure projects across all Civil Works business lines to create a national sustainability strategy for dealing with urgent, short, and long-term scenarios.

At the New York City local level, Morgan worked for USACE New York District’s flood risk management projects such as Fire Island, Passaic River, East Rockaway, Plumb Beach, and Lake Montauk and ecosystem restoration throughout the region.

Currently for Battery Park City Authority, she serves as the lead and project manager for the South Battery Park City Resiliency Project, overseeing integrated flood risk and public space design, community engagement, and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) certification/accreditation for the western edge of Lower Manhattan. She also previously served as the design and community engagement lead for the Rebuild by Design Hudson River Project. Morgan holds a B.L.A from University of Georgia and a Masters’ of Landscape Archaeology from University of Bristol, UK.