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Research Within Landscape Architecture

As a land-grant institution, Utah State University prides itself on leading the state, country and world in research endeavors. Within the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Department, students and faculty are conducting research on water conservation, migration patterns, transportation issues, urbanism, virtual reality, sustainable development, etc.

Learn more about the world-changing research being conducted within the LAEP Department below.

Hailey Wall presents research at Utah State Capitol.

Faculty Awards

Benjamin George

Award of Excellence

American Society of Landscape Architects

Award for Research Excellence

Digital Landscape Architecture Conference

Todd Johnson

Outstanding Achievement Award

Utah American Planning Association

Caroline Lavoie

Outstanding Achievement Award

Utah American Planning Association

Merit Award for City of South Salt Lake

Utah American Society of Landscape Architects

Ole Sleipness

Best Paper Award

Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture

The Outstanding Paper Award

Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture

Funded Projects

David Anderson

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Educational Building and Awareness Campaign

Sponsored by The U.S. Forest Service


Implementing Water Conservation Strategies in Eagle Mountain City

Sponsored by USU Extension Water Initiative and Eagle Mountain City


Landscape Master Plan for the SMM Orphanage in Colon, Mexico

Sponsored by the Hope for Children Foundation


Keith Christensen

A Constraint-Based Bicycle Orgin-Destination Estimation Procedure

Sponsored by Transportation Research Center for Livable Communities


Do Inclusive Playground Design Practices Support Increased Congruent Play Behavior Between Children with and without Disabilities?

Sponsored by PlayCore


Evaluation of Transit System Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities & Transportation Access and Individuals with Disabilities’ Community Integration

Sponsored by Utah Transit Authority & Transportation Research Center for Livable Communities

The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between fixed-route transit service patterns and the spatial-temporal organization of individuals with disabilities’ activities of daily living. The research findings will not only have theoretical significance regarding transportation system planning, but will also support implementing more socially sustainable public transportation systems planning efforts. The end product will be demonstrated methods useful to transportation agencies in planning transportation systems to meet the needs of transportation disadvantaged populations.

Green Line Train in Salt Lake City

Benjamin George

Intel Virtual Reality Grant

Sponsored by Intel


Todd Johnson

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Sponsored by Best Friends Animal Sanctuary


Summit Powder Mountain Capstone/Charrette Preparation

Sponsored by Summit Powder Mountain


Caroline Lavoie

City of Pocatello and the Portneuf River

Sponsored by the City of Pocatello, Idaho


Hinckley Ranch Conservation and Ability Center, Utah

Sponsored by the surrounding Utah towns


Carlos Licon

Community Orchards along the Wasatch

Sponsored by UAES Seed Grant


iUTAH-innovative Urban Transitions and Aridregion Hydro-sustainability

Sponsored by NSF-EPSCor


Ole Sleipness

Extension Grant: Assessing the Impacts of Landscape Architecture Extension in Utah

Sponsored by USU Extension



Below is a sample of LAEP faculty member publications

David Anderson

Brent Chamberlain

Keith Christensen

Benjamin George

Caroline Lavoie

Carlos Licon

Keunhyun Park

Ole Sleipness