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Undergraduate Research

LAEP has a long tradition of providing its students with educational hands-on experiences by working in real-world settings and projects. As a part of that strategy, motivated undergraduate students are given opportunities to participate in research projects.

Research projects in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning are characterized by service and scholarship.

Participate in Undergraduate Research

If you are an LAEP undergraduate student and wish to conduct undergraduate research in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning you should do the following:

  1. Browse the department’s website, and read faculty profiles. Make a short list of faculty members whose work corresponds with your interests.
  2. Search the libraries. Search both the USU library catalog and the specialized databases covering your topic to find a recent article or book by each of the professors from your short list. From this initial exploration, formulate some questions and topics for discussion with the professor.
  3. Contact professors by email or attend the office hours of a few professors from your short list. Discuss with them how your interests might intersect with theirs.

Students contemplating an honors thesis will benefit from starting their research experiences the year after they have matriculated into the program. Anyone interested in continuing research in a graduate program are particularly encouraged to do an honors thesis. The department recognizes senior honors students during the annual awards banquet. If you wish to become an honors student in LAEP, contact Professor Ole Sleipness to discuss a plan for your thesis.

Presentation of Research Results

Students are often able to present their research findings at regional and national undergraduate conferences and publish in peer-reviewed journals with their faculty mentors. Undergraduate research can help you distinguish yourself among your peers and lead to further professional and educational opportunities.

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