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Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advisor, Pam George

Peer Mentor, Sarah Tooley

Pam George, Undergraduate Advisor 

Pam George is the dedicated LAEP undergraduate student advisor. As an alumna of the program, Pam is familiar with all aspects of the degree, faculty, facilities, etc. Pam primarily works on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and her office is located in the Agriculture and Applied Sciences building. To tour the LAEP facilities or to discuss degree options or plan out your semester schedule, please schedule an appointment with Pam by calling 435-797-9245 or visiting the College of Agriculture & Applied Science's Advising website. | AGRS 417 | Office Phone: 435-797-9245

Sarah Tooley, Peer Advisor 

A senior in the LAEP Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program, Sarah Tooley is the Peer Advisor for the department. Like Pam, Sarah can help students explore the major and plan their semester classes within the major. Sarah is available to meet any day of the week, and can be contacted by email or phone. Sarah does not have an office location, but you can most often find her in the Senior Studio within LAEP (FAV 206). | Office Phone: 435-797-2282