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The purpose for LAEP’s differential tuition program, CREATE, is to support students’ best educational opportunities and assure students’ competitiveness within the marketplace by investing in six strategic areas:

Careers:  Job placement, internship support, professional preparation.
Recognition:  Attaining awareness by peers, decision-makers, stakeholders, community members.
Entrepreneurship:  Leadership development and business training.
Access:  Connections with leading minds in the profession and influential landscapes across the globe.
Technology:  Assuring continual integration of cutting-edge tools and software.
Emerging Innovations:  Bringing the latest advances in sustainable design, construction and devices to campus.

The CREATE Steering Committee oversees the operation and expenditures of CREATE. In addition to investment in long-term efforts, twice yearly a call for proposals is made seeking students, faculty and LAEP Advancement Board members’ ideas regarding how they would like to see CREATE funds used to best meet the areas of need. These proposals are then voted on by the LAEP student body and faculty to select those that will receive support that year.

Individuals sitting on a panelA special Speaker Series lecture was held with a focus on social justice and responsibility.
Front of houseOutside view of the Canyon House, where practitioners and guests stay in connection with the Canyon House Residency.
Close up of student paintingStudents participate in a watercolor workshop funded by CREATE.

More Information

What is differential tuition?

Matriculated LAEP courses are assessed differential tuition of $59 per credit to support educational efforts in the six strategic areas of CREATE. Matriculated LAEP undergraduate students and graduate students may pay $500 or more in differential tuition each semester.

What has been funded in the past?

Fiscal Year 2021

Total Funded: $55,652

Speaker Series | Careers Coordinator | Technology Coordinator | Materials Library | Student ASLA | LEED Study Materials | Rendering Stations | Digital Drawing Tables | Portfolio, Cover Letter, and Interview Training | Video Conferencing Equipment | Internship Assistance | Drones | Solar Array | Outdoor Furnishings at LAEP House | LAEP Base Camp

*Several proposals were postponed due to COVID-19 closures.

Fiscal Year 2020

Total Funded: $45,551

Careers Coordinator | EDSA Graphics Workshop | Grad Studio Refresh | Speaker Series | Integrating Social Justice Awareness Workshop | Professional LED Light Boxes | Drone | Student ASLA Chapter Support

*Several proposals were postponed due to COVID-19 closures.

Fiscal Year 2019

Total Funded: $52,797

Visiting Practitioner Fund | New Projector in Junior Studio | Overhead Power Source | Screening of Five Seasons | ASLA Student Chapter Support | Mindfulness Workshop | Grad Research Fund | CliftonStrengths Assessment for Students 

Fiscal Year 2018

Total Funded: $63,091

National ASLA Conference Attendance | Portfolio Design Workshop | Bioregional Planning Forum | 3D Printers | Sketch Workshop | Watercolor Class | Thesis Review | Studio Storage Space

Fiscal Year 2017

Total Funded: $82,155

Standing Desks | Digital Plant Library | LARE Prep Materials | Cafe Tables and Chairs in Common Studio | Mike Lin Workshop | Studio Rendering Stations | Internship Bulletin Board | Graduate Studio Gathering Space

Fiscal Year 2016

Total Funded: $32,436

National ASLA Memberships | Speaker Series Support | Careers Coordinator Support | Laser Cutter in Maker Space | Drones | Trace Paper in Studios | Plotter Printer in Maker Space | ASLA Design Competition Workshop

Fiscal Year 2015

Total Funded: $14,519

Chairs for Common Studio | Access to Leading Publications | Recording of Speaker Series | Professional Cutting Board in Maker Space

How can I get involved?

Student input is critical to the success of CREATE. The Fund relies upon students and faculty annually bringing their best ideas, evaluating proposals, and choosing the most effective strategies for each year’s funding. In addition to submitting and voting on proposals, students can serve as one of the 5 graduate or undergraduate Steering Committee members.

For more information regarding the CREATE program please see the Disclosure of Operating Procedures or contact the LAEP Department at (435) 797-0500.