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Brent Chamberlain, Ph.D.



Ben George, Ph.D.



Keun Park, Ph.D.



  Current Students


Tiffany Woods, MSBRP

Tiffany's bio to come...


Aaron Blisner, MSBRP

Aaron has worked in some of the most water-scarce communities in the West. He initially set about working in arid southern Nevada, after completing a BS through the UNLV School of Architecture. Since returning to Utah in 2005, his work has largely focused on interactions between agricultural water use and the environment. He has worked across a spectrum of water resource projects including fish habitat restoration, agricultural irrigation infrastructure development and modernization, and agricultural water use inventory and analysis. Since 2006, he has served as a planning commissioner in his hometown. By working toward his MS of Bioregional Planning, he intends to seek understanding that can inform the solution’s our communities will need in the future.

Saul Karamesines

Saul Karamesines, MSBRP

Born in north central Utah, Saul Karamesines moved to southeast Utah in 2005 and has lived since then in the shadow of what is now Bears Ears National Monument. He has had a front row seat to witness both the necessity and difficulty of land conservation and sustainable development. During his last two years employed as an academic tutor for Utah State University-Blanding, he has worked extensively with Native Americans and gained an appreciation of the area’s cultural complexity. Saul earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies at Utah State University and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Bioregional Planning with the aim of specializing in climate change adaptation.


Danyel Mezzanatto, MLA

Danyel first studied fine art and product design, then received her Bachelor’s degree in International Ecotourism from Oregon State University. She later served two terms with AmeriCorps, focusing on environmental education, community organization, and program administration. Her past five years were spent in Southwest Colorado teaching, managing a team of AmeriCorps, and leading the design and installation of educational gardens and heritage orchards. Danyel is looking forward to refining her design techniques while continuing to explore projects that prioritize community involvement. Her main areas of interest are in placemaking, social justice, catharsis, and resource conservation.


Anthony Whaley, M.Sc.
(Plants, Soils, Climate)

Bio Coming Soon...



Ryan Tarver, Ph.D.
(Environment and Society)

Bio Coming Soon...


Meredith Andrews, MLA

Bio Coming Soon...



Brittany Shield, Ph.D.
(Environment and Society)

Bio Coming Soon...


Derek Jenson, BLA

Derek was born in Salt Lake City and raised in Southern Utah. Upon returning from a 2-year service mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in McAllen, Texas, he began his education at Utah State University. Derek has completed internships in BIM (Building Information Modeling) and landscape design and installation. Derek is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning and will begin a master's degree in the Fall of 2020. He has a particular interest in social equity and planning for the relief and prevention of homelessness.


Hannah Anderson, BLA

Bio Coming Soon...

  Past Students

Foster Cook, MLA

  Past Students at Other Instutions

Research Assistants

Conner Bruns, MLA (2018), Kansas State University Major Professor-Brent Chamberlain
Evan Lanning, MLA (2018), Kansas State University
Dara El-Shaarawi, BSc Psychology (2018), Kansas State University
Jakub Cech, BSc Computer Science (2018), Kansas State University
Natasha Bills, BSc Psychology (2020), University of Missouri, Kansas City
Rahul Karne, MSc Computer Science (2017), Kansas State University
Mackenzie Wendling, MLA (2017), Kansas State University
Brianna Priddle, BSc Computer Science (2017), Kansas State University
Sandeep Pakker, MSc Computer Science (2015), Kansas State University
Aarti Parupudi, MSc Computer Science (2015), Kansas State University
Ashwin Bhat, MSc Computer Science (2014), Kansas State University
Peiwen Chiu, MLA (2014), Kansas State University

Other Students

Pamela Blackmore, MLA (2019)
Heath Yates, Ph.D. Computer Science (2018)
Taylor Whitaker, MRCP (2018) Major Professor-Brent Chamberlain
Anthony DePreist, MLA (2018)
Amariah Fisher, M.Sc. Geography (2018)
*Xingxing Qi Transportation Engineer (2018) Beijing Jaiotong University
Kraig Weber, MLA (2018) Major Professor-Brent Chamberlain

Lindsay Stucki, MLA (2017) Major Professor-Brent Chamberlain
Laura Vallo, MLA (2017) Major Professor-Brent Chamberlain
Neal Heidt, MLA (2017)

Ryan Albracht, MLA (2016) Major Professor-Brent Chamberlain
Parker Ruskamp, MLA (2016) Major Professor-Brent Chamberlain
Jessica Weber, MRCP (2016) Major Professor-Brent Chamberlain
Yihong Yan, MRCP (2016) Major Professor-Brent Chamberlain
Ally Balderson, MLA (2016)

Yue (Rebecca) Liu, MLA (2015) Major Professor-Brent Chamberlain
Dale Bradley, MLA (2015) Major Professor-Brent Chamberlain
Natalie Webb, MLA (2015)
Steven Holt, MLA (2015)
Grant Brady, M.Sc. Ag Engineering (2015)

Brandon Woodle, MLA (2014)
Maggie Stephens, MRCP (2014)
Ashley Schwemmer, MLA (2014)
*Lauren Patterson (2014)