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Resources and Technology

The VIVID lab provides students access to software, hardware, and professor instruction that helps them develop skills valuable to future employers. As students learn how to be technologically capable, they are prepared to enter the work force as competent professionals.

Physiological + Spatial Monitoring

Technology on human diagram

These devices are used when testing human subjects in a spatial context. As a participant moves through the site, physiological outputs such as pulse and temperature body temperature are monitored by the Empatica E4 and attached to GPS location data to create empirical research data .                         

Gaming Computers

iBUYPOWER Computer

Our gaming computers contain top of the market processors and graphics cards. This powerful hardware allows for complex 3D visualization software and models to be used. 

Virtual Reality Headsets (Oculus + VIVE Eye Pro)

A man in a VIVE VR headset

Virtual Reality headsets are useful for design as well as helping clients to visualize a design in a tangible way.

vimeo link

Unity + Unreal Engine

A man using Unity to design a landscape

Unity is a gaming software that was used in tandem with virtual reality during VR week to design interactive landscapes for potential clients.

Touchscreen Kiosk

Women at touch Kiosk

The Touchscreen Kiosk can be used as a research tool in data collection. For example, it could be moved to a public space with an on-screen poll for participants to complete.

Green Screen

Green screen behind a man in VR

This green screen can be used for renderings, video production, and visual immersion.