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Graduate Program Advising

Grad Program Director, Carlos Licon

Graduate Program Coordinator, Katie Stringham

Undergraduate Advisor, Pam George

Carlos Licon, Graduate Program Director

As the Graduate Program Director, Carlos can assist you with creating Program of Studies, waiving courses, selecting elective courses and steering you toward a thesis topic and potential major advisor. | FAV 256 | Office Phone: 435-797-3978

Katie Stringham, Graduate Program Coordinator

As the Graduate Program Coordinator, Katie can assist you with all Graduate School related paperwork. This includes your Supervisory Committee Form, Program of Study, Thesis Project Approval Form, Appointment for Exam Form and Record of Exam Form. Katie can also assist you with registration errors and restrictions, non-residient tuition waivers, TA/RA opportunities and job responsibilities, room scheduling, research travel, and thesis preperation.

Please contact Katie with general questions before contacting Dr. Licon or other professors/staff. 

Katie currently works part-time, and is only in the LAEP office 10-hours per week. When contacting Katie, email is preferred. Individuals can typically expect a response within 24-hours. | FAV 230 | Office Phone: 435-797-0500 

Deandra Harps, Undergraduate Advisor (B+MLA & BLA+EP Students)

Students pursuing a B+MLA or BLA+EP degree should meet with both Dr. Licon and Deandra Harps. Deandra will verify completion of all requirements for the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree. She will also assist in creating a Split Form, where students will identify which nine graduate credits they will take while paying undergraduate tuition during their fourth year of course work. 

To schedule an appointment with Deandra, please call 435-797-2282 or visit the College of Agriculture & Applied Science's Advising website. | AGRS 417 | Office Phone: 435-797-9245