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Computer Requirements for LAEP

Platforms (Laptop required)

Microsoft® Windows® 7(or higher versions) x 64

Hardware Requirements

  • Recommended: Intel® Core i5 or higher processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • DVD ROM drive
  • A more expensive option would be the MacBook Pro with the addition of the operating system Windows 7. Many people use a MAC. You will need to purchase additional software so you can run Windows and be able to interact with GIS.

Student Discounts

Dell laptops can be purchased at a discounted student rate from



Requirements for undergraduate & graduate 

  • Undergraduate students: It is strongly recommended that you have a computer starting freshman year. It is required after matriculation.
  • Graduate students: It is required to have a computer starting the first year.
  • The Department strongly encourages Mac users to purchase and maintain software that allows them to also run Windows.

Computer ownership & studio culture

  • You are required to maintain ownership of a computer (laptop or desktop) after matriculation.
    Required software programs for a particular class need to be properly installed (and function) before the class starts.
  • When computer access is required for a particular class, you are required to bring your computer (laptop preferred) to the classroom. (Such as LAEP 3300 which is taught in the jury room.)

Software program & license

  • You are expected to use InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop starting freshman year.
  • Do not purchase AutoCAD or ArcGIS. Licenses are a part of lab fees for selected LAEP classes.