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LAEP Scholarships

LAEP students have an array of scholarship opportunities available to them. Four categories of awards can be pursued by our students:

Students are encouraged to explore the various scholarships available from non-LAEP sources. In addition, the department has several scholarships available only to current BLA and MLA students. These have been made possible from endowments created by generous LAEP alumni or former faculty of the department.

Eligibility for these scholarships includes current standing as a matriculated undergraduate student (LAEP juniors and seniors) or current LAEP graduate student status.

Available LAEP Scholarships

  • 75th Anniversary Scholarship
  • Craig Johnson Scholarship
  • David Bell Scholarship
  • David Jensen Scholarship
  • Diversity in Landscape Architecture
  • GAIA Travel Scholarship
  • Huculak Aggie Scholarship
  • Jackson Family Scholarship
  • John K. Nicholson Memorial Scholarship
  • Josephine Beach Travel Scholarship
  • Kenji Shiozawa Scholarship
  • Kenneth G. Volkman Scholarship
  • LAEP Faculty Scholarship
  • Laval Morris Travel Scholarship
  • MLA Class of 1981 Scholarship
  • Richard E. Toth Graduate Scholarship
  • Utah ASLA Memorial Scholarship

Giving to LAEP Scholarships

Alumni and friends of LAEP are encouraged to help our students and faculty by giving through time, talent and resources. Giving back to the program can occur through donations to:

  1. Existing scholarships or awards
  2. Creation of new scholarships or initiatives
  3. Flexible funding to support LAEP’s excellence

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