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LAEP Study Abroad

LAEP students in Slovenia
LAEP students, Ashley Casperson & Tommy Smith during their study abroad in Slovenia.

Travel is a key component to being a successful landscape architect. Participation in a faculty-led travel course is required. However, interested students can choose to spend a semester abroad in addition to or replace of the travel course requirement.

Study Abroad Locations

While many study abroad opportunities are offered by the Utah State University Office of Global Engagement, the LAEP Department has established relationships with two international universities: Hochschule Anhalt University in Germany and the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Students regularly study at these institutions, and certain department scholarships have been designated to allow a student to travel internationally. 

Costs Associated with Study Abroad

Costs vary based on location and semester traveling. However, all study abroad applicants will be assessed a non-refundable $150 application fee. All students participating in study abroad are required to have travel insurance through the university, which costs $360, per semester, and all students will pay tuition and fees to USU for the courses they participate in at their international university.

To view specific program fees and housing costs, please visit the Office of Global Engagement. 

Application Process

To apply for any study abroad experience, visit the Office of Global Engagement website. Students should also consider meeting with a study abroad coordinator, and meeting with Pam George to review how study abroad will impact their academic futures. 

Student Experiences

Anna Farb - Germany

Anna Farb in Germany

Graduate student, Anna spent an entire year studying in Germany. She said, "From studying at Hochschule Anhalt in eastern Germany, I see that this field has the power to break down borders."

Mary Dowden - Slovenia

LAEP students in Slovenia

Undergraduate student, Mary spent a semester studying in Slovenia. She said, "It was amazing to not only learn about landscape architecture from a different vantage point, but to be able to see and experience some of the places that I have learned about."

Ashley Casperson - India 

Ashley Casperson in India

Undergraduate student, Ashley interned for a ten-person Landscape Architecture firm in India. She said, "My boss was big on letting me experience India and not just being in the office all day."