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LAEP Travel Requirements

Students in Rome, Italy

The following trips are tentatively planned:

  • 2023: New Orleans, Louisianna - Keith Christensen & Sean Michael 
  • 2024: Japan - Ben George & Jake Powell
  • 2025: Domestic
  • 2026: International

The majority of costs associated with studio travel are covered by course fees. However, students are responsible for meals during the trips, as well as souvenirs and any cost associated with personal care and toiletries.

Travel Course Requirements

In addition to travel within studios, the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree requires students to complete at least one travel experience sanctioned by the department. 

The majority of students will be required to participate in a faculty-led travel course held over spring break. These trips are planned well in advance, and typically require students to save money for flights, and, with international trips, to obtain needed documentation (i.e., a U.S. Passport).

Travel courses are capped between 25-30 students per trip. Though students may desire to travel internationally or domestically, they must prepare for both scenerios, in the event a course is capped before the student is able to register for it.

Costs associated with the travel course vary, but students will be informed of their financial responsibility associated with the trip in a timely manner. Students are always responsible for finding and purchasing their own airfare to and from the destination.

Study Abroad Participation

Students participating in a semester-long study abroad automatically meet the travel course requirements. Students planning to study abroad should meet and plan their course schedules with Deandra Harps beforehand.

Learn about Study Abroad Opportunities

Individual Travel Experience

While students are encouraged to participate in faculty-led travel experiences, in unusual circumstances individuals may apply to receive credit for an independently arranged travel course. Individually arranged travel should be the equivalent of faculty-led travel experiences in their disciplinary focus, engagement with noteworthy landscapes and practitioners, learning potential, and duration.  Application guidelines are below. Students will first be required to submit a justification for why they propose not completing a faculty-led travel course (financial need is not grounds for justification). They will be required to provide a narrative justifying the focus of the trip, the relevance of the trip, proposed travel dates, estimated costs, etc.

Students must apply and be approved to receive credit before the trip is commenced.  Independent travel may not conflict with the students other courses.  Questions regarding the individual travel experience can be addressed to Professor Benjamin George.

Individual Travel Application Guidelines